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Dress Code

Students who take pride in the way they look and dress usually feel good about themselves.  Your clothes should reflect the good training you are getting at home.  Students are encouraged to be neat, clean, and well-groomed when attending classes, at all school functions, and representing the school on field trips.  Clothing must be neat, safe, and must not be a distraction to other students and staff.  Safe and proper foot attire must be worn at all times. 

The teachers and principal are responsible for enforcing the dress code.  Appropriate consequences will be issued for violation. Repeat offenders will result in parental notification and exclusion from school.  A parent/guardian may bring appropriate attire to school for his/her child in lieu of a student’s exclusion. 

The following dress code has been developed in accordance with Policy No. 5511 and in consultation with staff members, parent(s) and pupils of this district. The dress code will be strictly enforced during the school year.

General Rules

  • Pupils are expected to be clean and well groomed in their appearance.
  • Pupils are expected to avoid dress and grooming that is likely to create a material and substantial disruption to the school environment.
    • Dress or grooming that jeopardizes the health or safety of the pupil or of other pupils or is injurious to school property will not be tolerated. 
    • The building principal will be the final decision maker in determining appropriateness of a student’s attire. 

  Prohibited Clothing and Articles

 The following garments and articles are prohibited in school and at school-sponsored indoor events:

  1.  Extremely low-cut, tight fitting or transparent clothes, bare midriffs, and suggestive clothing;
  2. Any clothing suggesting an inference to alcohol, drugs, tobacco or gang affiliation;
  3. Clothing depicting any pictures and/or signs that are disrespectful to any group, culture, religion or government;
  4. Clothing that is shorter than 3 inches above the knee or that shows skin at the mid-section.  Shorts must be appropriate for school.  Shorts that resemble undergarments are not acceptable.  Pants must be worn so that the waist of the pants is at the waist;
  5. In the classroom, clothing required for physical education classes;
  6. Clothing that is overly soiled, torn, worn, or defaced.  Jeans with holes are unacceptable;
  7. Clothing that reveals undergarments while standing or sitting.  Tops must be three fingers’ width at the shoulder.  Low-cut, revealing tops are unacceptable, including basketball jerseys or other tops with large arm holes without another shirt worn beneath;
  8. Pants/shorts with writing across the seat;
  9. Pajamas, flannel pants, and slippers shall not be worn;
  10. Leggings and tights must be worn with a mid-thigh length top in middle school;
  11. Shoes that present a hazard cannot be worn. Flip flops are not acceptable;
  12. Hats, caps or outerwear shall not be worn in the building;

  Additional Requirements

 During physical education classes, middle school students will wear a t-shirt with sleeves and mid-thigh length shorts.

  1. Shorts cannot be worn from November 1 st through March 15 th .
  2. Student attire for athletic teams or school sponsored extra-curricular activities will conform to these regulations. 

Issued:       20 November 2000

Revised:      22 May 2012