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Middle School Writing Process
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Please see the bullet points below for specific practices and expectations, as well as links to view actual sample tools/forms.  Please encourage your child to share comments and feedback on Google Classroom. 
The  Approach to Middle School Writing Instruction
  • Research/ reading about a topic

    • Sometimes this topic is assigned, sometimes it is student choice  

  • Initially, there might be more support to select and organize, such as the strategy is used to teach the structure of an informational, literary or argument essay.  

    • Initial focus centers around the combination of 4 main areas:  content/ organization, usage, sentence structure and mechanics.

  • The layers of writing include reflection and feedback after the completion of a graphic organizer.  After the first essay, writing feedback happens typically digitally and within conference periods.

    • Peer grading:

      • Students submit and read peer essays and complete a feedback rubric posted online.  They both give and receive peer feedback, which is often completed anonymously.

      • They are able to read and receive feedback from 3-5 peers  

    • Conference and Self-feedback- Combination of verbal, written and G oogle doc. These are critical components in the writing process.

      • The first essay is conferred 1:1 with the teacher on paper

      • Student reflects on his/her strengths in their writing.  They consider what they did well in their piece.

      • Students choose one or two skills that they want to focus on to improve their writing piece.

      • Students consider how they will improve and meet their goals.

      • Students reflect on past goals and consider if they have included what they set out to work on.

    • Students also have an opportunity in the revision process to reflect with the rubric in hand and score themselves and their peers


  • Becoming a stronger writer cannot be approached with a fixed mindset.  Writing conferences are a critical part of this process. The focus is primarily a growth mindset where the discussion is based on writing strengths and the setting of goals.  There are many opportunities to edit and revise in the hopes of achieving writing goals. While not all writing pieces are graded per se, they are used to guide conversations surrounding growth, goal setting, and reflection.

  • We maximize the benefits of using Google classroom to post rubrics, reflect and conference on writing tasks, not only essay writing but writing about reading as well.  

Please feel free as always to contact me with any concerns.

“The Ho-Ho-Kus Public School is committed to a high standard of academic excellence in compliance with the
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