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Per Governor Murphy's executive order, school will not be reopened until Friday, April 17, 2020, at the earliest.

No Fuss Lunch
PizzaLunch19-20 (pdf)


A complete school lunch is offered every day except Tuesday from the food service "No-Fuss Lunch".   This reduces the management and financial role of the school district; however, local school officials will monitor the program to assure that well-balanced and nutritious lunches are served daily.

Monthly menus are available  on the No-Fuss Lunch  website.  

Pizza Lunch  information and the 2019-2020  order form  is available. Please sign up by June 19th.

Students have the option of purchasing a meal or bringing lunch from home.

Students wishing to bring a lunch from home should arrive in the morning with their lunch (no deliveries please) .  Parents picking up students for lunch must sign students out in the Main Office and wait for them outside of the building.

Following are lunch times by grade level:

            Kindergarten                 10:45 - 11:30

            Grades 1 – 4                 12:30 - 1:15 

            Grades 5 – 8                 11:36 - 12:21

On a minimum day there is no lunch period and therefore no lunch service.

Student Expectations in the Lunchroom

  • Students are to speak in appropriate voices for inside
  • Students must remain seated unless directed to do so by a teacher
  • Supervisors will direct students when they can throw out their garbage/recyclables
  • Students must ask the selected supervisor for permission to use the bathroom
  • Students must eat their own lunches
  • Hats are not acceptable indoors
  • Students must stay in designated area
  • Teachers will dismiss students when table and floor areas where they are seated are completely clean
  • The following activities are not allowed: lacrosse, dodge ball, off the wall, tackling, baseball bats, electronic devices, picking up field materials, abuse of playground equipment.

“The Ho-Ho-Kus Public School is committed to a high standard of academic excellence in compliance with the
core curriculum content standards in a safe and nurturing environment that will allow students to maximize their
potential and prepare them to be responsible, contributing members of a diverse society.”

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