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Tackling Complexity: Moving Up Levels of Nonfiction


Dear Parents,

In the upcoming weeks, your 5th Grader will be immersed in a study of nonfiction reading. In the first part of this unit, students will learn skills to help them read complex nonfiction texts.  They will learn how to recognize nonfiction text features and how to use text features to help them orient themselves to the text. When reading longer, more complex texts, readers will learn how to summarize a text and be able to infer multiple main ideas.  Using context clues and looking inside words, readers will determine the meaning of unknown vocabulary. By applying their knowledge of different text structures (chronological, cause/effect, problem solution, compare/contrast), students will infer key relationships within the text.


The students will then apply their knowledge about nonfiction reading to their own independent inquiry projects.   Readers will conduct a primary research inquiry to discover the patterns and main ideas significant to one topic of their choice.  Students will learn from sources, questioning to drive research forward. They will write about reading from big ideas to specifics, and compare and contrast what authors say.  In order to reflect on nonfiction reading, students will ask and answer questions. 


To best help your student, encourage your child’s nonfiction reading at home.  Ask your child questions about what they are learning about in their books and if you have time, take a trip to the library to check out books about their topic.  Don’t feel that your student’s nonfiction reading should only be limited to books. Students may read articles on newsela.com or other kids news sites that you ok. 


Thank you for your support with this unit.   The passion the students have for learning is incredible!



Mrs. Burke




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