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Class Curriculum Updates

Reading Workshop

The children will experience Reading as an adventure. They will learn how to choose books, search the pages of books for something they recognize, and look for new things to learn. They may even become a character and pretend with a friend. Our young readers will learn to build good habits when reading alone and with a partner. Most importantly, they will enjoy exploring many different kinds of books. 

Writing Workshop

Our little writers will believe that they can become authors this year and they will write, "as best they can." The children will learn about their jobs as writers during Writing Workshop and they will draw and/or write about things near and dear to them. They will publish and celebrate their favorite story of the month.  

Word Work

Our study of letters begins with recognizing our own name and then the names of our classmates. The children chant the letters in their name, count and graph how many, and together we clap out the number of syllables. This fun celebration recognizes who we are! Our more formal word study program begins at the end of the month.  Using the Orton Gillingham method, the children will learn letters and their sounds through a multisensory approach.



Throughout our day fun Math activities will be integrated into our daily life in the classroom. As a part of our Everyday Mathematics curriculum, the children will become familiar with Ongoing Daily Routines. Our class meeting will include exciting activities such as posting attendance, reading and building the calendar, observing the weather, and tracking and recording the number of days in school, just to name a few. This month we will take notice of patterns all around us. We will get to know numbers 1-9, and we will create and extend sound, motion, and color patterns. A favorite activity will be to create a class birthday graph to see when we celebrate each classmate’s special day.   


Social Studies

Character study is an important school-wide initiative. Each month we recognize a featured word. Responsibility is the word of the month. This month, each student will use a checklist to remind them of some responsibilities they have as a Kindergartener. Also, together as a class, we will make a list of classroom rules to follow which will help us to remember to show respect in school. 



During September, adopting a tree is the highlighted activity of the month. The children will choose a tree to observe for seasonal changes throughout the year. The fall tree will be the first page of My Tree Book authored by each student.