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Happy Summertime!  

8th Grade Study Skills

The purpose of this class is to help students have a successful school year by developing  lifelong organizational skills and study habits, as well as previewing material and receiving help with assignments. 


Topics Covered: 

 1. Be prepared/proper materials 

 2. Assignment Books/Planners 

 3. Organizing materials

 5. Completing Assignments 

 6. Strategies for active reading & answering questions 

 7. How to collect credible information for research

 8. Use of various study strategies in preparation for tests and quizzes


Students should not expect to be using this class to finish work that is due that day. They are learning to be prepared & organized – not rushed and panicked. Exceptions will be given to reviewing for a test that day. Periodically, progress monitoring for IEP objectives will also be done in this class.