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IXL Practice

IXL.com and Extra Practice Activities  

Use our Google Classroom for more information on ways to study and review concepts covered in class.

Below is a list of ixl.com activites for extra practice. They are organized by unit. You can use these during our unit of study, as a preview before a unit or to study for a cumulative.  All are 6th grade unless otherwise labeled.

ixl.com for PT

  • the entire E menu

ixl.com for CBAP

  • P.6
  • R.1 - R.6
  • R.8 - R.9
  • R.14 - R.15
  • U.3

ixl.com for LBR

  • L.1 - L.8
  • O.7 - O.8
  • P.1 - P.3
  • P.6

ixl.com for CAS

  • BB.23-24
  • BB.28
  • BB.35-38

ixl.com for DO

  • G.1 - G.4
  • H.1 - H.8
  • F.9
  • O.4 - O.6
  • R.14 - R.15

ixl.com for VAP

  • O.3
  • X.1 - X.6, X.9, X.11 - X.13
  • Y.1 - Y.8
  • Z.1 - Z.4
  • AA.1 - AA.6

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