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Badminton Unit



  • Light weight long handle racquet and a shuttle (birdie).

  • Nets are approximately 5 feet high.


  • A game must start off with an underhand serve hit diagonally across

  •  from the one side of the court to the other.  Both teams’ objective is to rally back and forth using various shots until one side makes a hitting error or a winning shot.

  • If the server’s score is even , he/she must serve from the right service court .  If the server’s score is odd , he/she must serve from the left service court .

  • Serve will stay with the winning server until the receiving side wins a point.

  • There is a point scored on every serve.

  • One hit per side.

  • Teams may not hit the shuttle until it crosses over to their side of the court.

  • Racket or any part of the body may not touch the net or the other team is awarded a point.

  • A rally is when the birdie is hit over the net and return by the other team several times in a row.

  • If the birdie hits the net and goes over, it is called a LET and the server gets another attempt.

  • Boundaries:

    • Back of court – Wall and Blue center court line

    • Side courts – Yellow line on the side and gray line in the middle

    • Middle courts – Gray lines on both sides

    • If the shuttle lands on the line it is in and good.


Other Racket/Racquet Sports:

  • Tennis

  • Pickleball

  • Paddle

  • Table Tennis/Ping-pong

  • Squash

  • Racquetball


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