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Physical Education Department Home


Mr. T. Mantone

Mrs. K. Ennis



(201) 652-4555 ext. 598

(201) 652-3945


Students will be given the necessary knowledge of physical fitness principles, skill development, and wellness components to make healthy lifelong decisions.

Description :

  • Physical Education is based on the development of the mind and body. Educational objectives are reached through participating in mental and physical activity. In the Physical Education classroom, students build their knowledge and level of physical fitness, explore and learn a wide variety of neuro-muscular skills, and develop responsible social behaviors that promote personal and group success. Written work and reading assignments provide for the integration of academic skills and present an opportunity for traditional cognitive challenges.
  • Each class includes fitness components, skill development, proper use and care of equipment, rules, strategies, and etiquette. The emphasis is directed towards lifetime participation and fitness.
  • Physical Education curriculum follows the guidelines stated in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Health and Physical Education.
  • One marking period or quarter per year in Middle School, students will attend health class instead of physical education.



As we start November, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are reminded of family gatherings. The PE department would like to display our HHK "Fit Fam" on the bulletin board outside the gymnasium. In the upcoming weeks we would love our middle school students to bring in pictures of themselves with friends, family, and/or pets being physically active in ways they enjoy. From hiking to family football games at Thanksgiving all Fit Fam pictures are encouraged!

As the weather changes, all students are reminded to dress appropriately for the cold in the next coming weeks. Our middle school students are currently enjoying a hockey unit and will be able to practice their throwing and catching skills by playing team handball in the upcoming weeks. 

Our elementary students have started the first part of our catching unit by utilizing our bean bag blasters! In the coming weeks we will soon switch over to some exciting scooter lessons where students will use different movement patterns and muscles in order to complete various tasks. 



“The Ho-Ho-Kus Public School is committed to a high standard of academic excellence in compliance with the
core curriculum content standards in a safe and nurturing environment that will allow students to maximize their
potential and prepare them to be responsible, contributing members of a diverse society.”