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Per Governor Murphy, school will be closed for the remainder of the academic year.

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Rugby Unit

Object of the Game :

  • The object of the game is to score more tries than your opponent.

  • The game starts off with a punt from one team to the other

  • The player in possession of the ball (attacker) may run or pass the ball to achieve this but kicking the ball is not allowed.

  • Players without the ball (defenders) try and prevent the attackers from scoring by removing flags from the ball carrier.

Scoring :

  • A Try is awarded to the attacking team when the ball is touched to the ground with 2 hands on or behind the opponents try line.

  • Try is worth one (1) point.

  • Players attempting to score may not dive or slide during the score

Tap and Pass :

  • Used to restart the game after a change in possession. (Tap ball to foot)

  • Defense must retreat 5 meters toward their try line or on the try line if the restart occurs less than 5 meters from goal.

Contact :

  • There is NO CONTACT allowed between players, the only contact allowed between the two teams is the removal of flags. Both attackers and defenders have the responsibility to avoid each other at all times.

  • The ball carrier is not allowed to run directly into defenders.

  • Defenders are not allowed to actively block progress of the ball carrier.

  • Ball carrier may not use hand, elbow, or ball to block defenders attempting to grab flags.

  • Defenders must not attempt to dislodge the ball, grab at a ball carriers shirt or other uniform piece, or make any attempt to trip up the ball carrier or other attacking side player.

  • General advice to ball carriers is to RUN AT SPACES NOT FACES!

Pulling the Flag :

  • Only the ball carrier can be tagged (flags removed). A defender or defenders that remove a flag must shout FLAG loudly and hand the flag back to the opponent

  • Defender(s) who remove a flag cannot continue to play until that flag is returned to the ball carrier.

Forward Pass :

  • Occurs when a player attempting to pass, throws the ball forward instead of directly sideways or backward.

  • Forward pass is penalized by awarding a tap and go to the non offending team

History :

  • Rugby was invented in England and came to America in the early 1800’s.

  • It is an Olympic sport for both men and women as of 2016

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