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Per Governor Murphy, school will be closed for the remainder of the academic year.

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Soccer Unit

5th and 6th Grade Study Guide

7th and 8th Grade Study Guide

  • A soccer game starts off with a kick-off. On kick-off, all players must be on one side of the field.
  • Regulation soccer game should be played by two teams with eleven players each, including goalies.
  • When dribbling a soccer ball, you should use quick feet with light touches and keep the ball close to your feet.
  • When passing the ball, players should
    • Place your non-kicking foot next to the ball.
    • Strike the side of the ball
    • Follow through to your target.
  • The only part of the foot you should not kick with is the toe.
  • The best way to keep a pass under control is to keep it on the ground.
  • To receive a pass in a soccer game, you should always look for open space on the field.
  • A player, except the goalie, may not intentionally touch the ball with a hand or arm. A free kick is given for this violation.
  • On a throw-in, players must have two feet on the ground and use an overhead throw.
  • The game of soccer improves the following fitness components:
    • Body composition
    • Aerobic Capacity
    • Muscular Endurance
  • A ball going out-of-bound over the sidelines is put into play by a throw-in at the point where it went out.
  • Another name for a punt is drop-kick.
  • When the offense kicks the ball past the goal line, the ball is put into play by a goal kick.
  • When the defense kicks the ball past the goal line, the ball is put into play by corner kick.
  • Any goal in soccer is worth one point, including penalty kicks.
  • After a goal, the ball is brought to the middle of the field and a pass has to be completed to a teammate before shooting on goal.
  • The only position allowed to punt the ball is the goalie.
  • In a 1 vs. 1 game, if the score is tied, the winner is the person who has possession of the ball when the whistle blows.
  • In 2 vs. 2 games, the ball may hit any part of the cone for a point.
  • In 2 vs. 2 games, a player is not allowed to stand over the cone and play defense.
  • In 3 vs. 3 games, if a ball touches the cone and goes in, it is not a goal.
  • In a 3 vs. 3 games, players may not stand in between the two cones as a goalie.
  • In a 3 vs. 3 games, the ball must roll or bounce before the goal line in order for it to count as a goal.
  • When playing a ladder tournament on Lloyd Field, the teams who win moves towards the woods and the teams who lose go towards the street.

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potential and prepare them to be responsible, contributing members of a diverse society.”

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