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Per Governor Murphy, school will be closed for the remainder of the academic year.

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Team Handball Unit

Team Handball Study Guide


  • White lines all around on blacktop. Tennis nets and fence on the tennis courts.
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, a throw in is taken from the spot the ball went out of bounds, one foot must be on sideline when taking throw in. You can score on a throw in from the sideline.
  • If a defensive player touches the ball before it goes out of bound behind the goal, then it is a corner throw.
  • If it crosses the end line and the goalie touches the ball, it is the goalie’s ball.
  • If the goalie hits the ball out of bound to the sideline, then it is a turnover and the offensive team gets a throw from where the ball went out of bound.
  • Team Handball is played a hard surface and the court size is similar to a basketball court.


  • Professional Team Handball is played with 7 players on each team, including the goalie.
  • Games start with one team touching the center spot and passing to a teammate. One pass must be made before dribbling or shooting on goal. After a score, the goalie passes to a teammate who touches the middle circle to begin play.
  • After every score, the ball must be brought to the center spot, touch the ground with the ball and pass to begin play.
  • Players may take 3 steps while holding ball. If a player taken more than 3 steps with the ball, then it results in a turnover from the spot of the violation.
  • Players may dribble but passing is quicker and more effective. A Maximum of 3 dribbles is allowed.
  • Players can only hold the ball for 3 seconds.
  • Goalies must stay in the arc. Teams can switch goalies only between games. Players cannot play goalie two games in a row.
  • No one is allowed inside the arc except the goalie. All shots must be taken from outside the arc. Players may jump, throw and release the ball in the air, and land inside the arc but must exit immediately. If an offensive player steps on the line or enters the arc with the ball it results in a turnover.


  • Defense is played similar to basketball. Defensive player may not pull or hit the ball out of opponents’ hands. Defense may steal the ball if the offensive player is dribbling.


  • Minor fouls stop gameplay and offensive player gets a free pass/throw from the spot of the infraction.
  • Aggressive fouls are awarded a 7 meter throw (Penalty Shot), which are taken one giant step back from the top of the arc with a goalie in the goal.
  • Team Handball is played in the Olympics by men and women.

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