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Per Governor Murphy, school will be closed for the remainder of the academic year.

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Track & Field Unit

Sprinting Events:

  • 55m - The shortest race and runners must stay in lanes.
  • 100m - long straight on the track and runners must stay in lanes. 
  • 200m - half of a lap on the track. It starts with a staggered start. Runner must stay in lane.
  • 400m - one lap around the track. Runner do not have to stay in lane on the HHK track.

Distance Events:

  • 800m - two laps around the track.
  • 1600m - four laps around the track and also known as the one mile.

Jumping Events:

  • Long Jump - three rules of long jump:
    • Jump off one foot and land on two feet.
    • Distance is measures from the closest part of the body that touched the sand to the jumping line.
    • Always exit the pit by walking UP and OUT.
  • High Jump
  • Triple Jump
  • Pole Vault

Throwing events:

  • Shot Put
  • Discus
  • Javelin
  • Hammer


  • 4x100m - four runners each running 100m = 1 lap.
  • 4x200m - four runners each running 200m = 2 laps.
  • A baton is carried around the track. Runners wait for the baton to get to them before they start their part of the relays.
  • The first runner is called the lead-off.
  • The last runner is called the anchor.

“The Ho-Ho-Kus Public School is committed to a high standard of academic excellence in compliance with the
core curriculum content standards in a safe and nurturing environment that will allow students to maximize their
potential and prepare them to be responsible, contributing members of a diverse society.”

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