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Ultimate Study Guides

5th and 6th Grade Study Guide   << Click here

7th and 8th Grade Study Guide:  See below

  • The official name for a Frisbee is a disc.
  • Ultimate games are played 7 vs. 7.
  • In order to score, you have to catch the disc in the end-zone with one foot in bounds.
  • When you are in possession of the disc, you may not take steps. You may pivot.
  • When throwing a disc, you should step with the same foot as the throwing arm.
  • Several types of throws are:
    • Backhand
      • Thumb on ridges, index finger on rim, other 3 fingers inside the disc
      • Bring across the body and step with same foot as throwing hand
      • Release flat and follow through pointing to your target with throwing hand.
    • Forehand or Flick
      • Index and middle finger inside the disc, index finger touching the inside rim of the disc. Bring disc outside the body so the forearm is facing the target.
      • Step with same foot as throwing hand and flick outward.
      • Release flat, follow through with palm up and fingers pointing toward your target.
  • The most common catches are:
    • Pancake - When the disc in coming toward the middle of the body.
    • Two hand Crab or Clam above the head - Disc is away from body.
    • One hand Crab or Clam above the head- Disc is away from body.
    • One have Crab or Clam underhand - Disc is under knee level.
  • In our class games, when a team scores, the scoring team stays in the scoring end-zone. The other other team goes to the other side and waits for the pull.
  • Other team gets possession on any incomplete pass, unless a foul is called.
  • Defense is played one on one
  • Offense must pass the disc within seven stalls (seconds.)
  • Defender should be one arm-length away from the offensive player.
  • You may not grab the disc out of offensive players’ hand.
  • If two players catch the disc at the same time, possession goes to the offense.
  • When there is a turnover in the end-zone, the disc should be brought to the front of the end-zone to begin play.
  • Reading the Disc: Being able to judge and react to where the disc will be traveling when in the air.

More Information:

USA Ultimate Website  

America Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) Website


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