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Physical Education Department


Mr. T. Mantone

Mrs. K. Ennis



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Students will be given the necessary knowledge of physical fitness principles, skill development, and wellness components to make healthy lifelong decisions.

Description :

  • Physical Education is based on the development of the mind and body. Educational objectives are reached through participating in mental and physical activity. In the Physical Education classroom, students build their knowledge and level of physical fitness, explore and learn a wide variety of neuro-muscular skills, and develop responsible social behaviors that promote personal and group success. Written work and reading assignments provide for the integration of academic skills and present an opportunity for traditional cognitive challenges.
  • Each class includes fitness components, skill development, proper use and care of equipment, rules, strategies, and etiquette. The emphasis is directed towards lifetime participation and fitness.
  • Physical Education curriculum follows the guidelines stated in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Health and Physical Education.
  • One marking period or quarter per year in Middle School, students will attend health class instead of physical education.



The second trimester has started and we have started our inside activities. The elementary students are learning various ball skills such as tossing, catching, rolling, bouncing, etc. They are also shooting in preparation for the Power and Performance unit, which they will get into in 5 th grade.

5 th through 8 th graders just completed the Team Handball activities, which is always a favorite. The next unit will be Power and Performance. Students will be learning the important skills necessary to play certain games as well as rules and general background on the games of Basketball and Volleyball.

We have been working on cardiovascular endurance all fall. Students in grades 5-8 completed a 12 minute Cooper Run in early November and will be receiving the results of that run to see all of their hard work pay off.

Happy Holidays!